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    Myanmar Wellness - The New Experience in Indochina

    10/7/2022 2:32:22 AM

    Myanmar Wellness is excellent and they boast incredible beaches, mountains, and waterways to serve as the backdrop for your relaxing escape. The ancient capital city of Bagan is a fantastic spot to take in this world’s history and experience a truly stunning sunset. 


    As for natural wonders sure to grant you serenity, Lord Loughborough Island, Cocks Comb Island, and Ngapali Beach allow travelers to escape into a world unto themselves where peace and quiet are their only companions. Explore U Bein Bridge by boat at Taungthaman Lake. In the Shan State is Kalaw, where you can embark on short walks or fully connect with nature—and yourself—over a two-day hike to the remarkable Inle Lake. 


    Cocks Comb Island

    Amazing Cocks Comb island Day Trip | Kawthoung, Myanmar

    In the Myeik Archipelago is Cock’s Comb Island, a serene getaway considered one of the most striking sights in the area. Also known as Emerald Heart Island, a heart-shaped lagoon is in the center of the island with vibrant blues and greens running through it. Cocks Comb island gives us the opportunity to experience Myanmar Wellness better, sleep better, and have a healthier body.



    Du lịch Bagan năm 2022: hoạt động giải trí tại Bagan | Tripadvisor

    The ancient capital which established Theravada Buddhism in Mandalay, Myanmar, was recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 1995. Famous for the sunrise and sunset, riding a horse-drawn carriage to the temple, or taking a hot air balloon ride, it is not difficult to see monks and nuns meditating or chanting for hours. Visiting a temple is also a way for Myanmar Wellness, giving you a feeling of purity, peace of mind, and more peace.


    Ngapali beach

    What To Do In Ngapali Beach in Myanmar - Stories by Soumya

    Ngapali beach is a pristine beach in Myanmar to let go of stress without being interrupted by partiers. Located on the Bay of Bengal, its white sand and palm trees provide the ideal backdrop for a serene escape. You can explore the fishing villages, Visit the beach by Kayak bout and discover marine species, sunbathe and watch the beautiful sunset here. Visitors can immerse themselves in nature, and eat fresh and cheap seafood, good for their health after the whole trip.


    U Bein Bridge

    Trải nghiệm tuyệt vời ngắm hoàng hôn trên cầu gỗ U Bein

    The bridge is located in the suburb of the ancient capital Mandalay of Myanmar, near Amarapura known as the small wooden bridge that is actually made of pieces from the old royal palace of Inwa. A visit to the U Bein Bridge will always be remarkable, but it is most breathtaking to go during sunset. Walk across its three-quarters of a mile span or take it in by boat on the lake. 


    Lord Loughborough Island

    It's now easier to visit one of Myanmar's awesome untouched islands | BK  Magazine Online

    Just off the west coast of Myanmar’s southern tip is the jungle island of Lord Loughborough. With a small fishing village and only a few basic shops, life here is much more about boating and the sea than anything else. Visitors to the island can learn more about boat making, see homes built on pillars traditionally, and explore the electric blue water all around. When you come to the island, you will not only experience Myanmar Wellness but also know more about the very interesting island life.



    Beautiful Kalaw (or) Switzerland of Myanmar High up in western Shan State,  Kalaw is an old hill station with a laid bac… | Scenic views, Natural  landmarks, Scenic

    In the Shan State of Myanmar is Kalaw, an old hill station that now serves as the first stop for some of the country’s best treks. While there are plenty of short and scenic options, those who are adventurous enough can embark on a two-day hike to Inle Lake. Here at the Kalaw viewpoint, a sitting and a good lunch pair well with taking in the panoramic views. 


    Visitors exploring high above the mountains or peacefully floating at sea level alike will find a unique and beautiful wellness experience while in Myanmar.


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