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    Is Thailand in October Really A Good Time For A Vacation ?

    10/22/2019 9:41:40 PM

     Thailand is the most popular choice for ravelers to take a tropical vacation and enjoy cheap thrills, Since it is a cheap destination and weather remains pleasant most time of the year, you see a hoard of tourists flocking to the islands and enjoy sunbathing. Thailand in October speciifically is your chance to take the road less taken and have unique experiences in the northern parts of the island. Whether or not it is worth it, thath depend on your panning. How do you plan an awesome vacation to Thailand in October ? Well, here is everything you will need.

    Weather in Thailand in October
    If you are wondering how is Thailand in October, thwen you should know that it observes rainfall for a first few days. Krabi and Phuket recieve the maximum rainfall while Pattaya, Bangkok, and Chiang Mai have respectively lesser rainfall. So, it is better to avoid the islands in the south in the first part of the month.
    Thailand-Weather-in October
    There are heavy rainfalls for a period of first fifteen days but as we gradually move towards the end of the month, the weather becomes pleasant. The temperature begins to cool off, there is lower humidity in the air, and the chances of rainfall are pretty slim. All in all, it is a good season in Thailand in October. So, if you are planning an island vacation, then you should prefer the latter part of the month.
    Best Places in Thailand in October
    Tip: Since October is a month of heavy rainfall, not all islands are worth visiting during this month. If you want to visit Thailand in October 2019, your main focus should br on the northern parts of Thailand.

    1. Thai Countryside
    Since the climate by the sea is not so pleasant, it gives you the perfect opportunity to explore the lush countryside of Thailand. Enjoy the weather resplendent with sunshine and greenery. Grab a bike and bike through the green rice paddy fields of north and northeastern regions of Thailand. Don't forget to bring an umbrella along with you.

    2. Ancient Ruins
    Thailand is not just about the beaches, it has varying landscapes. When it is raining on the southern coast, you can visit the UNESCO World heritage sitesand national parks to make the best of season. If you are a thrill-seeker, these places will give you an opportunity for hiking and biking. Khao Yai National Park is Asia's largest monsoon forest while Sai Yok National Park offers picturesque waterfalls, hidden caves, and unique animals to discover.

    3. Fireballs in Mekong
    Believe it or not, every October, by the end of the Buddhist Lent period, fireballs of the size of a basketball naturally erupt from above the Mekong River and go into the air. Earlier this annual phenomenon was called as ghost lights though nobody know the reason or explantion behind these lights.

    4. Hill Tribe Villages
    Take rains in Thailand as a blessing and visit the tribal villages in the north of Thailand. Instead of running to the beaches and getting drunk as you would have done, spend a day or two with the tribal  families and learn a thing or two about native Thai culture and lifestyle. It is going to be a far more overwhelming and amazing experience than sunbathing on the beach. You will be amazed to learn ethical and sustainable ways of living life.
    Festival in Thailand in October
    If you are visiting Thailand in October, mark your calendars with these Thai events and festivals and be the part of festivities like a local

    1. Awk Phansa
    Awk Phansa is celebrated to end the monsoon retreat in Thailand which sounds like the right time to be in Thailand. It is a full moon day. You will also observe many merry-making events during this festival, khatna robe ceremony being the most common one. Some traditions are unique to provinces and are only seen in that region.
    2. Long Boat Races
    Whether they are similar to what you have in Kerala will only be confirmd when you go and watch these long boat races in Thailand. What begins in September continues till November. So, you have a pretty good window to watch long boat races in Thailand. In october, the boat race is held in the regions of Buriam, Chachoengsao, Nan, Nakhon Sawan, and Nakhon Ratchsima.
    3. Vegetarian Festival
    Do not go by its name because there is so much gory stuff happening along with abstinence from meat and non-vegetarian. This festival is not meant for the faint-hearted as you will see people piercing needles in their faces though it definitely is a must-visit event for travel buffs and curious events.
    4. Chulalongkorn Day
    Chulalongkorn is one of the most importnant holidays in Thailand in October. It is observed as a national day to pay reverence to one ò the mót important public figures in Thailand, king Chualongkorn. He was a modernizing king who ruled Siam for 42 years.

    Tips For Thailand in October
    . If you want to enjoy diving in Thailand in October, keep away from the southern coast. There are some sports on the western coast where you can enjoy water sports such as diving.
    . You will be stuck in the regions that recieve torrential downpours. So, it is better you choose a resort that has a wide array of activities to keep you busy otherwise move your stay to the north of Thailand.
    . Carry a mosquito repellent to fight off the mosquito bites and pack a filter water bottle as getting cleaning drinking water might become an issue.
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