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    Myanmar tour - Journey of great experiences

    10/14/2022 5:06:13 AM

    Each country has its own unique beauty and unmistakable traditional culture. And surely everyone wants to experience and discover everything.

    Possessing its own beautiful tourist attractions and ancient culture, Myanmar has become a destination for many Vietnamese tourists.Among many countries in Southeast Asia, although tourism is not as developed as other countries, Myanmar tour always has a strange attraction.


    A special feature that always makes Myanmar attractive to tourists is the extremely beautiful beaches. With a coastline of nearly 2000km, on the Myanmar tour , visitors have the opportunity to explore hundreds of clear blue beaches, white sand, and green coconut trees.

    The beaches here all retain their natural and unspoiled beauty. Specifically, visitors can visit Ngapali beach, Ngwe Saung beach - the longest beach in Asia…


    Myanmar is a country with the most festivals and the most unique type in the world. Festivals of the Myanmar people are held all year round, but mainly focus on March and April, which is the leisure time. The uniqueness of the festivals attracts a large number of locals as well as tourists from all over the world. Here are the top 5 special festivals of Myanmar that tourists should not miss on a Myanmar tour.

    • New Year's Water Festival ( Thingyan )

    The Thingyan Festival takes place from April 13 to 17 every year, and is one of the most important festivals of Myanmar people. Myanmar people believe that water will wash away the bad luck of the previous year, so on the first day of the year, people will splash water on each other.


    • Thadingyut Festival of Lights

    The Thadingyut festival takes place around mid-October and lasts 3 days.This is a religious festival that attracts many tourists in Myanmar.

    During the Thadingyut festival, people decorate their houses and lights up everywhere. They will organize many activities with the purpose of calling for donations for charities. In particular, children will prepare small gifts or candles for the elderly to show respect.


    • Htamane Glutinous Rice Cooking Festival

    Htamane ceremony takes place on the full moon day of November according to the Myanmar calendar (February). During the festival, Myanmar people cook large pans of sticky rice with ginger, coconut, beans, and sesame; The rice will be wrapped in banana leaves. The process of cooking sticky rice is quite complicated and elaborate, so it will be done by healthy men. Sticky rice will be cooked in monasteries or special shops, offered to the Buddha, then distributed to relatives and neighbors as a festival gift.




    On the Myanmar tour, you should only eat with your right hand because according to the concept here, the left hand is used for personal hygiene activities. In addition, a typical meal in Myanmar will be full of rice, fish, meat, vegetables, and soup. Usually, people in Myanmar will round rice into balls and then eat it with vegetables. However, you should note that Buddhists will avoid beef, Muslim people will abstain from pork.



    Means of transportation in Myanmar

    In Myanmar, the train system is quite poor and seriously degraded, so you need to be careful when using this type of vehicle. In addition, trains in Myanmar are very slow and move quite slowly.

    As for the bus, it is quite crowded, so for tourists to explore Myanmar's Buddhist land, they will often be advised to use domestic flights.


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