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    10 Must-See Tourist Attractions in Vietnam

    10/24/2022 11:00:05 AM

    Tourist Attractions in Vietnam are endowed by nature with wondrous beauty, an unfair tally of World Heritage Sites, historic legacies that stretch from 10th-century temples to wartime tunnels, and a vibrant city with multinational architectural wonders and rich cultural diversity. One trip may not be enough for first-timers, whether honeymooners or adventurers.

    1. Ha Long Bay 


    Ha Long Bay's stunning combination of limestone peaks and sheltered shimmering waters is one of the Tourist Attractions in Vietnam. But with over 2000 islands, there are plenty of amazing sights to go around. Definitely book an overnight cruise and make time for your own special moments on this World Heritage wonder—rise early to catch the sunrise in the ethereal mist, or go kayaking into the caves and lagoons. Prefer your limestone landscape a little less crowded? Try the less touristy but equally spectacular Lan Ha Bay, located a little further to the south, or Bai Tu Long, to the north.


    1. Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park 


    The most famous natural wonder of Vietnam is Hang Son Doong, one of the Tourist Attractions in Vietnam, located in the center of Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park. Images of ant-like travelers burning torches overhead around wide, open caverns pulling ropes to wander. However, unless you have a fantastic $3000 to spend on a tour, you won't be able to step into this underground wonder. But fear not, because Phong Nha-Ke Bang has countless other caves that you can climb, slither, boat through or zip through for a fraction of the cost, including Hang En, which has its own private beach. What's more, there are plenty of terrestrial attractions, including guided trips around the oldest karst mountains in Asia, home to tigers, elephants, and 300 species of birds.


    1. Hue 


    The ancient capital of the country in the 19th and early 20th centuries, Hue is perhaps the city that Vietnam easily loves and spends the most time in. The situation on the banks of the Perfume River is excellent, the complex cuisine is reasonably well known, and its streets are relatively open. And that's not to mention the majesty of the Imperial Citadel, a citadel within a citadel, containing the emperor's residence, temples, palaces, and the main buildings of the state within its high walls 6 meters, 2.5 km long. Explore the city's fringes to find some of Vietnam's most impressive temples and royal mausoleums, many set in wonderful natural surroundings. Hue deserves to be a favorite place in the list of Tourist Attractions in Vietnam


    1. Hoi An 


    Historic Hoi An is the most atmospheric and charming city in Tourist Attractions in Vietnam. Once a major port, it boasts grand architecture and an attractive riverside setting that matches its heritage. Despite the fact that the face of the Old Town still retains its amazing legacies of Japanese merchant houses, elaborate Chinese assembly halls, and ancient tea warehouses, residents and rice fields have been gradually replaced by tourism businesses. Lounge bars, boutique hotels, travel agencies, countless tailor shops, and a large number of daily tourists are a very important part of the scene here. If that's too much, cycle to explore the suburbs and pristine surroundings of the town, where you'll find that life moves on at a much slower pace.


    1. Phu Quoc 


    One of the Tourist Attractions in Vietnam surrounded by azure waters and lined with white sand beaches that bring sun-seekers to their knees, Phu Quoc—located in the south of Vietnam—is the perfect place to relax in numbers. Reach for a cocktail by the sea and toast the bronze sun as it sinks into the sea. And if you want to get over it, grab a bike and hit the dirt roads; the island is relatively compact and offers unblemished, natural jungle areas along with a few additions. The Vietnamese version of Disneyland and the world's longest sea-crossing cable car are two examples.


    1. Nha Trang


    Nha Trang's high-energy, high-rise beach resort has a beautiful setting: surrounded by a string of hills, with turquoise bays dotted with tropical islands. A large crescent-shaped white sand beach defines the coastline, backed by an impressive promenade dotted with parks and sculpture gardens. Inland, there is a wide range of shops and cosmopolitan dining options, but when restaurant service is closed for the evening, the nightlife comes alive-the heart of Nha Trang is a town party. Looking for quieter Tourist Attractions in Vietnam? The city also makes a great launch pad for a beach crawl up the coast to Quy Nhon City, with stops at Doc Let, Bai Bau, and Bai Xep.


    1. Ho Chi Minh City 


    Increasingly cosmopolitan but still unmistakably Vietnamese, old Saigon has a visceral energy that will delight big city devotees. Ho Chi Minh City does not inspire neutrality: you will either be caught in a thrilling whirlpool and mesmerized by the constant whirring of motorbikes circling it, or you will see the whole overwhelming experience (and some visitors seem to be perpetually seeing between the two). Dive in and you'll be rewarded with a wealth of history (the War Remnants Museum is a must-stop), good food, and a vibrant nightlife, from corner beers to luxurious cocktail bars. The hot sun is always present in Saigon; loosen your collar and enjoy.


    1. Hanoi 


    The capital of Vietnam is A Tourist Attraction in Vietnam with one foot buried in the heroic past and the other striding confidently towards tomorrow. Taste Hanoi's blend of history and ambition by wandering the streets of the Old Quarter, sipping egg coffee (coffee made with egg yolks) or sipping on a bowl of vermicelli noodles. While watching businessmen eat breakfast noodles or playing chess with old men, hearty crab (a dish of sour crab noodle soup). When you're done, explore the crumbling decline of the French Quarter, then head to cosmopolitan Tay Ho for fine dining options and a taste of Hanoi's burgeoning art scene.


    1. Ba Be National Park 


    Follow the usual Vietnamese tourist route in Ba Be National Park, an essential destination for adventurous travelers. The scenery here ranges from the 1554m high limestone mountains down to valleys engulfed in dense evergreen forests, dotted with waterfalls and lakes. The park is home to hundreds of wildlife species, including monkeys, bears, and pangolins (the only mammals that have completely scaled scales) as well as the highly endangered Vietnamese salamander , while birdwatchers will want to keep an eye out for the spectacular crested snakes of the eagles and oriental falcons, which can be followed on boat excursions or trekking. After a day of lounging, recharge at the rustic homestays and village lodges of the local Tay ethnic people.


    1. Ha Giang 

    Ha Giang Province is Vietnam's breathtaking destination for intrepid cyclists, with dizzying climbs up Quan Ba Pass (Heaven's Gate) and fantastic views on an epic ride between Dong Nai and Dong Nai. and the chance to venture to Lung Cu, at the top of the hill. The tower marks the northernmost point of the country. And with improved roads, new walking routes and a wider choice of guesthouses, homestays and restaurants in the small towns and villages of the province, the far north of Vietnam is firmly established. It is on the list of Tourist Attractions in Vietnam as a hotspot for cyclists and non-cyclists alike.

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